De Risk

Team INCHES offers critical, intellectual inputs to DeRisk a new concept

Given the huge upfront investments in a new insurance product launch, it is imperative each product consumes intellectual capital before significant monetary (financial) capital and effort is invested. New products should be rolled out only after testing assumptions & validating proxies.

At INCHES, we De-risk your novel concepts and ideas before you implement your expansion strategy. We convert your assumptions into knowledge of riders & identify loopholes that help launch your product with lower risk that increases value and provides unprejudiced opinion on how the product will make you succeed or fail quickly - all this with an Indian perspective.

Our bouquet of offerings include:

  • Assistance in fine-tuning of Product offerings/ deliverable
  • Designing documents pertaining to medical process (UW, Claims)
  • Review of policy documents
    • Health
    • CI & other riders
  • Digital sourcing & associated fraud
  • Pre-filing policy documents to the regulator
  • Review of policy documents to identify future areas of customer grievance / specific concerns to compliance, legal and claims
  • Periodic review of products vis a vis projection at launch and loss ratio to suggest modifications/ other actionable
  • Underwriting
    • Medical matrix
    • Creating/ Evaluating the SOP/ Manual
  • Claims
    • Establishing end-to-end Claims Manual
    • Claims process with levels of escalation
    • Decision matrix, as well as
    • A medical adjudication process


Medicolegal opinions and Clinical Audit

Auto Medical Adjudication(X-claim)

Claim related worries are a thing of the past!

X-Claim is an Evidence based Medical Adjudication application!

INCHES has designed a path breaking, IT integrated system developed on established and accepted Standard Treatment Guidelines with Rule based analytics incorporating the entire care pathway and fraud/ abuse triggers driving an intelligent scoring platform to perform medical adjudication of health insurance claims in real time.

Driven by a team of generalist and specialist medicos with an enviable IT team, X-Claim will benefit the health insurance industry in several ways:

  • Address the perennial shortage of well qualified doctors to handle health claims. Well-trained non-medico Data Entry Personnel and an insurer specific slider is enough for X-Claim to deliver upto 70-75% STP results
  • Large numbers of claim assessors giving EXACTLY the same results – unheard of in Health Insurance Claim settlement!
  • Reduce time taken to process a claim
  • Contain leakage and thus fraud and abuse
  • Continual update of medical guidelines, drugs database and truant providers
  • Covers 14,000+ ICD related clinical rules
  • Soon to add PCS codes to 78,000+ ICD codes


INCHES Calls 4 U
THE ULTIMATE FILTER: Tele-underwriting

The outlook on underwriting and new business procurement has been challenged since the implementation of Section 45 of Insurance Act 1938. Prudent underwriting has once again regained its value not only in the Life insurance ecosystem but in health and CI products as well.

The entire success of a robust underwriting platform rests on the credibility of the proposal data +/- medicals done, basis which the decisions are taken. This is a certified nemesis of the underwriters.

The solution - Tele-underwriting!

Tele-underwriting, a path breaking underwriting innovation, is a streamlined, complete and intelligent fact finding tool. It aims to strengthen and eventually transform the traditional underwriting proposal completion process.

The anchor element of Tele-underwriting is the proprietary interview process based on a structured medico algorithm. Trained professionals who follow a structured protocol, aimed to collect key information to arrive at a sharp assessment, drive this.

70% insurers in the developed western markets like US, UK, Ireland, ANZ and South Africa use Tele-interviewing / Tele UW in some form or the other.

Tele-underwriting is effective in the Life Insurance segment to predict mortality. In the health insurance space & stand-alone CI products, it is perhaps the most efficient tool to predict morbidity. In both cases it can be used as a first filter, even prior to medical tests, to

At INCHES we offer both Audio and Video tele services; largely tele-interviewing wherein we call the customers on behalf of the client following the algorithm stated to gather best quality data.

The offering of Tele-services @INCHES helps identify false positives and further refine analytic engine

We offer:

  • Audio/ Video call at pre-issuance level
  • Audio/ Video call at post- issuance level
  • Audio call to inform the client about their policy postponement or policy declination and explain the reason from the medical underwriting point of view.

Training and Empowerment

INCHES Academy Offers:

INCHES Academy provides the latest in medical and quasi medical education. We empower individual in various fields- be it risk management in insuarance, research in health/insaurance or clinical practice - with the singular aim of honing their skills and thus reforming quality of care.

Training and Empowerment