Value Added Services

  • INCHES USP - virtual clinical expertise helps insurers decipher medical facts and reports to raise the flags for accurate risk calculation and thus risk mitigation.
  • Our current team composition in Underwriting is such that almost 50% of the team members are doctors. This means non-medical underwriters have immediate referral points when it comes to critical medical inputs. We also have a CMO team consisting of MBBS doctors, who are doing ECG/TMT/Echo/USG/CXR/PFT opinion cases for various companies. CMO’s are also skilled in giving complete medical opinion in accordance with reinsurance manuals and company guidelines. Underwriters have access to these set of CMO’s as well. This only means decision making become even more robust.
  • Beyond this, there are certain medical conditions & findings where specific rating or guideline is not available. CMO’s judgement & assessment becomes very important in these cases. Underwriter’s can always check with CMO’s for these cases. This CMO & Underwriter collaboration, saves time, moves business forward.
  • We follow a four eyes approach in underwriting. This means even before recommending for issuance or otherwise decisioning, a second underwriter independently evaluates the case. This is of course for randomly sampled cases.
  • Maintaining Turn Around Time (TAT) is critical for our business and underwriters are well trained on this aspect.
  • We are ISO 27001: 2013 certified; Complying with all security norms; IS governance, Endpoint security, Application security, Network Security, Vulnerability assessment, Physical Security/ HR security, Version controls and Incident Management.
  • Offering critical inputs for Insurance Risk Management has been the specialty of INCHES for two decades now. Every Underwriter has got this gene in them, which helps them making well informed decisions.

Catalog of Value Offerings

Given the huge upfront investments in a new insurance product launch, it is imperative each product consumes intellectual capital before significant monetary (financial) capital and effort is invested. New products


Advanced Analytics for Operations Management

The insurance industry is regarded as one of the most competitive and less predictable business spheres. It is instantly related to risk. Therefore, it has always been dependent on


Business Process Optimization

To ensure partnership objectives are consistently accomplished
To ensure an inclusive approach to drive excellence and ownership l
To enable timely resolutions


Consulting for Business Transformation

Given the huge upfront investments in an insurance product launch, it is imperative each product consumes intellectual capital before significant outside capital and effort is