Operational Excellence is not only about Functional Domain!!

Individually and Collectively, we need to work towards making “Excellence” as a Way of our life, in our organisation. And for this to happen, the most important requirement is that we sustain, the “best version of ourselves” at all times, at work ..!! Remember, excellence is always linked to being the best

Posted On: 7th
Nov 2022

Data Science And Machine Learning In Insurance

Insurers operate in an increasingly data-rich and algorithm-oriented world, where growing computational power allows machines to collect, transform and analyse data with even more efficiency. Data science and machine learning present an opportunity for actuaries to innovate traditional actuarial fields

Posted On: 3rd
Oct 2022

Digital Underwriting - The right tool for the job

Automating the underwriting process holds great potential, but to realise that potential you need the right product or products. There are plenty of software suppliers and plenty of decision engines out there but there is a big range of capabilities too.

Posted On: 19th
Sep 2022

Becoming “Carbon Neutral“ In Insurance

Carbon Neutral in Insurance is a subject where volumes can be written since it is a Programme that is yet to emerge in the Industry. Insurance, as an industry is conservative with plenty of regulatory and statutory controls, this would logically mean that progress on an area like “Transformational Thinking“ and related Reengineering, will be gradual.

Posted On: 10th
Aug 2022

Demystifying Medical Coding

COVID 19, a global pandemic, will go down in history as one of the deadliest disasters of the modern era. As of December 2021, 280 million people have been victims of this notorious virus, out of which more than 5 million have died so far....

Posted On: 2nd
feb 2022

Insurance Fraud

A news item in a leading newspaper on 29.2.22 must have shocked many readers. Knowing that the fraud really occurs is one thing; but knowing the magnitude is another thing! This Rs 100 crore a day amounts to 36,500 crore in a year with virtually every Indian having an account or two in a bank; and this is for last seven years.

Posted On: 23rd
May 2022

Is Offline Insurance Selling Making a Comeback?

Recently according to a news reported in the ‘The Economic Times’ “Health insurance online sale spurts up to 30%, offline sales fall due to coronavirus impact”, which is a proof of both online sales scaling up and the main reason of the same.

Posted On: 11th
Aug 2022

Stress management in JFM! - Part 2

Is Underwriting as a stressful job? This question has been doing rounds for quite some time & we thought it’s the right time to take a deep dive into this subject. In Indian Context, the best way to look at this is to understand the way the Life Insurance Industry has evolved from a product perspective.

Posted On: 9th
Feb 2022

Stress Management in JFM! - Part 1

Stress is any demand (physical or mental) that is placed on our body. Stress is a state of anxiety produced when events and responsibilities threaten to exceed one’s coping abilities. Both Major life changes as well as daily hassles lead to the development of stress.

Posted On: 2nd
Feb 2022

Another JFM!! So what else is new?

We have survived two years of the COVID 19 pandemic. In the last two years, we all have made drastic changes to our everyday lifestyles and how we go about doing things. As soon as we feel the pandemic is about to end, a new variant of coronavirus emerges. No one knows when the uncertainties of the pandemic will cease.

Posted On: 12th
Jan 2022

Why External Medical Audit Is Mandatory for Health Insurers?

A survey conducted by Kroll and Internal Audit Foundation, concluded “80% of Internal Auditors face barriers while getting Involved in Fraud Risks Management”; this applies as much to health insurance segment as well.

Posted On: 11th
Aug 2020

How can an insurer question the doctor/line of management?

Insurance companies are facing challenges- high pending cases, high claim ratios and paying crores of rupees just because doctor(s) won’t answer the query raised or the insurer does...

Posted On: 31th
Jan 2019

Changing your Insurance product structure? Time to be CAREFUL!!!

Policy structures seldom change but when it changes, it results in a pool of challenges for the insurers- satisfy the regulator on one hand as well as ensure self-protection via a medical, legal...

Posted On: 27th
Dec 2018

Repudiated Insurance Case at a Legal Forum

An insurer repudiates a claim only after scrutinizing proper policy documents and analyzing whether it is rational. But despite that some grievances against the insurer reach the legal forum whose...

Posted On: 20th
Dec 2018

Pending Cases: D-JFM Scourage

December in geographies following Jan-Dec financial year and JFM quarter in India are crucial for the insurance industry; being the closing of the financial year. Industry operates under twin...

Posted On: 13th
Dec 2018

Medical Management

50-60% of death claims and 100% of health claims need prudent review of the clinical data for a well-informed decision. Unfortunately Claims Management is discussed in the context of administrative...

Posted On: 29th
Nov 2018

Demystifying Chronic Kidney Disease

Singapore has a national subsidised dialysis programme since 1996. Thailand provides subsidy for haemodialysis since 2013 under aegis of NHSO. In 2016, Indian…

Posted On: 22th
Nov 2018

Profile of a Fraudster

Why do people commit fraud? One or more of the following three variables are usually evident in any proven instance of insurance fraud. In large percentage of such claims more than one exists as...

Posted On: 15th
Nov 2018

Technology disruption in Insurance Risk Management

Why should rising health claim be a surprise? Some or more of the factors are in play; some affect all insurers and others are insurer specific....

Posted On: 8th
Nov 2018

Insurance Fraud - A Global Malaise

Across the globe, health insurance is a tool that gives millions of people access to quality healthcare without burning a hole in their pockets. Patients, from those seeking...

Posted On: 1st
Nov 2018
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