Post-Pandemic Transition: Reviving Insurance

By Dr C H Asrani, Founder & CEO

The outbreak of COVID 19 has spread swiftly like a bushfire globally. Today we are standing in the midst of unprecedented crises which is hard-hitting the common man, communities, businesses, industries and economy as a whole.


Medical Audit- A Tool for post-pandemic transition

By Dr Sushma Jaiswal Meher, Executive Director

Post COVID, there is all round expectation of rise in insurance business, but if processes are not upto the mark, this increase may further erode the bottom line, As all those jumping on the band wagon now are looking at benefits in near future, time to review core processes and tighten the nuts and bolts.


Digital Learning- A Tool for post-pandemic transition

By Preeti Desai, Dean of Studies - INCHES Academy

2020 began tumultuously! The globe is facing a virulent pandemic. These are challenging times fraught with uncertainty in COVID-19 backdrop.


Annexure to the article: 5G in Insurance- A boon! Is it?

By Dr Anisha Ramit, AVP - Business Development & Compliance

I had written this article on “5G in Insurance - A boon! Is it? ” prior to the corona pandemic. Though 5G was considered a rising arc of the digital revolution, it’s cahoots with the insurance world was questioned owing to its lower connectivity, low penetration rates and non- availability of 4G even after a decade after its launch.



Keeping in line with the philosophy and upcomings in the insurance world, INCHES has launched an innovative and novel activity, “The Medical Insurance Crossword”.
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- Dr Satish P Kanojia, AVP - Field Operations