INCHES Foundation …. Enriching the Mind and Energizing the Body

INCHES is committed towards the “Wellness” of every human across all the segments of society, more so the Underprivileged. Every Child and Adult within the underprivileged segment of society deserves adequate and consistent care and attention, to ensure that their mind and body is nourished significantly, to lead a healthy and a fulfilling life.

At INCHES Foundation, we have a head start considering that we work in the space of Medicine and Wellness as a part of core business objective. This gives us the capabilities to focus on the right areas and ensure all our actions have a deep and wide impact. To ensure effective management of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Plans, we will have a robust Governance Structure to drive effectiveness and efficiencies in all the work we embark on, as a part of our organisation plans. A structured Road Map and well-defined Methodology will provide operating guidelines for the various working groups to accomplish all the key milestones.

While there will be a financial commitment from our organisation for all projects, we will also work concurrently to raise funds through our Customers and other well wishers who would like to be a part of noble cause. Of course, all contributions of funds and efforts in our endeavour would be completely voluntary, always.

Broadly our Strategy for development and implementation of our plans, will have three channels:

  • The INCHES Foundation - Captive Programme

Under this Programme, our focus would be to develop strategies, plan key actions and implement all of them by ourselves through funding from our internal assignments and through funds that have been raised through contributions from Corporates and Individuals.

  • The INCHES Foundation - Partnership Programme

As a part of the strategy, INCHES Foundation, will also form partnerships with various institutions which are non-profit organisations who are in the service of the underprivileged in the segments which we had planned to focus on. This approach would ensure that INCHES Foundation is able to accelerate implementation of various programmes, that is a part of the Road Map, in service of the society.

  • The INCHES Foundation - Social Incubation Programme

We will also innovate by incubating young organisations and start-ups in Social Sector, who have plans which is largely close to our areas of focus and fund their initiatives whist encouraging them to extend the depth and width of their plans and actions. Such an approach will enable scripting of more success stories in the Social Sector hence encouraging more NGOs to participate in the upliftment of the underprivileged in the Society.

Our plans would get moving in the next few months and there will be adequate transparency across all the dimensions for all our key stake holders. Watch out for this space for some interesting stories about our journey.

At INCHES Foundation …. We Blend Passion with Compassion and Make It Happen …