INCHES Consulting/ Advisory
Team INCHES offers critical, intellectual inputs in:

Given the huge upfront investments in an insurance product launch, it is imperative each product consumes intellectual capital before significant outside capital and effort is invested and new products are rolled out only after testing assumptions & validating proxies. We De-risk your products before you implement your expansion strategy, convert assumptions into knowledge of riders & loop-holes that help launch your product with lower risk, decreased assumptions that increase value and provide unprejudiced opinion on how the product will make you succeed or fail quickly - all this with Indian perspective.

Claims Consultancy

We understand the Consumer mindset especially when perpetrating a medical fraud and have used it extensively in establishing our services. It helps improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of your underwriting/ claims decisions.

We empower your team through:

  • Continuous claims team education
  • Claims assessment and control
  • Process compliance

The Process

Each claim case undergoes a defined process where the team:

  • Scrutinizes the claim
  • Creates a hypothesis
  • Plans the investigation
  • Analyses the findings
  • Makes the final recommendation

Our Services offerings have been structured into:

  • Medical Record Review and Interpretation: Medical records (details furnished at policy issuance, claims and procured during investigations) are reviewed by our Medical team and a summary prepared. Consultation with our physicians/ CEO is also available.
  • Case Management: We facilitate and direct the investigation of insurance claim or litigation cases. Investigations, work done by outside investigators is reviewed by X-CLAIM team. Large sum cases are handled from intimation stage to analysis, directing/ monitoring investigation to final recommendation and opinion.
  • Opinions to support repudiation and/ or to justify paying of an early claim.
Becoming “Carbon Neutral“ – The Emerald Programme @ INCHES

Sustainability is an important subject for the current and future considering some of the serious risks Society and Humanity could be exposed to in the coming years. It is imperative that every one individually and collectively commits to a pledge that can secure our Planet for a number of decades.

At INCHES,we are committed through our “Emerald Programme“ to develop a Road Map for the next 36 months and consistently accomplish all the key milestones in journey of supporting the concept of being “Carbon Neutral“

Broadly, our focus will be built around two Strategic Areas and they include our Digital Strategy and Phasing of Waste in our Eco System.

The Digital Strategy, will be all about embedding Cognitive Solutions in all our Business Processes as we work closely with all our esteemed customers. Additionally, internally our focus would be more on a “Machine to Machine“ concept rather than “Man to Machine“. However, considering that there are number of variables involved in this Transformation of engaging more of technology than Human Resources, we would be working on these plans in a phased. There is a long list of areas that we would be focussing on but there are opportunities for some quick wins which could have a lasting impact.

We would classify going “paperless“ as one of the opportunities to drive our Emerald Programme “forward. Another area that would also contribute significantly would be our efforts to rationalise consumption of “power supply“. In the coming months, we will have regular updates on our progress with Digital Strategy that is closely linked to being, Carbon Neutral.

The second Strategic Area, to focus on, as a part of our Sustainability Programme, would include, Phasing out Waste from our system. The Five areas for phasing out of waste in our Eco system includes:

  • Enhanced Focus on Service Excellence, thereby eliminating the need for; Reprocessing, Audits and Corrections.
  • Being compliant to Service Level Agreements (delivery time lines), without completing a process faster or slower but consistently being range bound as per the agreement with all our Customers and key stake holders.
  • Controlling Slack in our Operating environment by optimal utilization of Human Resources, Knowledge and Skills.
  • Defining and Managing the flow of work on an end to end basis with high levels of efficiency and consistently. Reengineering Business Processes wherever required so as to ensure that the flow of work is logical and enabling Service Excellence.
  • To be consistently guided by the Customer Charter at all times and not to under perform or over perform. There are times, when in our enthusiasm to create the “WOW“ factor, we are engaged in doing tasks which is neither expected or required by the customers. Over performing in irrelevant areas adds to costs and to other negatives hence needs to be avoided.

All of the above are broad pointers in terms of factors that will contribute in our efforts to be “Carbon Neutral“. As we move forward, we will continue giving periodic update on the list of tasks worked upon, under each area and the progress being made alongwith a broad Dash Board to highlight it’s impact.

Since the area of Sustainability is a Programme and not a Project considering it’s ongoing nature, we believe an effective Governance Model, is the key to ensure that we are able to script a huge success story. Hence the Leadership team along with the Management layer will be actively involved in driving the “Emerald Programme“ forward within the organisation and also with the customers.

In order to ensure higher visibility and active engagement of our organisation members and customers, our focus on Communications Management will be at an enhanced level.

At INCHES, we strongly believe that every organisation before they venture into Strategic and Long tenured Programme, needs to prepare the;

  • Organisation (key stake holders and employees) to absorb the objectives of the Programme.
  • Members of the Organisation to Stay Actively Engaged.
  • Take Ownership of implementation of key actions along with Continual Improvements.

To accomplish this Charter, there is a need for a series of awareness sessions, development of internal communities to focus on different areas and to drive key deliverables of the Governance Structure. We are making steady progress in all of the above areas and are confident of accelerating key actions over the next few months.

Through our Emerald Programme, we sign up for the “Net Zero“ initiative and collectively we work towards a Green Eco system for our Planet thereby enabling Health and Wellness for every life.

Programme Emerald Powering the “Go Green“ initiative …!!