Customer Engagement Model

Governance Structure

  • To ensure partnership objectives are consistently accomplished
  • To ensure an inclusive approach to drive excellence and ownership l
  • To enable timely resolutions

Benchmarking and Core Model

  • To Define , as is and to be processes based on benchmarks
  • To define “ Core Model “ for Business Processes
  • To drive continual improvements

Prototyping and Sign Offs

  • Defining Business Requirements and Proposed Flows
  • Scenario Building to run Test Cases and analyze results
  • Sign Offs and Full Implementation Road Map

Partnering for Transformation and Creating Opportunities

Customer Collaboration

  • Alignment with Business Challenges and Requirements
  • Managing Change Management effectively
  • Sustainability of Solutions
  • Seamless execution of plans without any disruptions

Communications Management

  • Visibility on Project Implementation
  • TProcess Health Improvements
  • Knowledge management elements

Advanced Analytics

  • Analyze Critical Path of Business Process
  • Work Data Source , Data Flow and Data Hub
  • Co Create Key Dash Boards for Decision Making
  • Define Optimization Road Map and Plan next steps