To Leverage, "INCHES Advantage" along with Design Thinking and Cognitive Capabilities to power Transformative Solutions for Insurance Domain to enable key market differentiators for our Customers.


To focus on Business Processes and key Operational Metrices along with active Customer Engagement to drive Service Excellence. To consistently review and enhance Operations Methodology, technology ecosystem, human capital management & skill upgrade program to exceed customer experience benchmarks. To build and operationalize COE for Underwriting, Risk Management & Technology Solutions for Sustainability.

Circa 2000 – Insurance industry in India was privatized. The same year INCHES was launched with the knowledge and belief that since a large percentage of decisions in insurance are based on medical insights - be it underwriting or claims, overseas partners entering India would need to refine the processes to suit the Indian scenario. It was further realized that most of insurance professionals managing underwriting and claims are either non-medicos or non-practicing doctors.

INCHES envisioned to fill this technical gap and today we have an extensive team of medicos (generalists, specialists and super specialists), legal and forensic professionals; a robust IT and analytic department and a team to handle motor third party claims.

With increasing frauds, abuse and internal leakages INCHES fulfils the requirement of in-depth scrutiny of the documents and regularizing processes. Every document is scrutinized closely by the medical and legal team to ensure risk management at policy issuance and prevent non-disclosures; claim management at pay out stage; medico-legal opinions and

evidence at legal fora; concurrent audit to assist daily monitoring; retrospective audit to understand the gaps, prevent losses and refine the processes to prevent such incidences in future, etc.; all the services given by INCHES helps address the pain points of the insurance companies and helps ease the pressure with regards to the increasing ICR and claim settlement ratio and thus false pay-outs.

Over 18 years, team has managed 1.3 lakh+ specific queries (potential risk in underwriting and admissibility in suspect claims); analyzed over 17 lakh claim cases and manually audited over 30,000 claims saving millions of INR to our clients. INCHES has also been a part of over 500 Ombudsman cases and has opined the insurance companies with rational inputs.

To add-on, with tech- driven portals and analytical tools, INCHES has made providing opinions to clients fast and hassle free.

Together we strive towards rationality of claim pay-outs and prevention of frauds, abuse, internal leakages and preventable losses.


Group Companies

INCHES Academy

INCHES Academy, a group company of INCHES Healthcare Pvt Ltd has designed certificate courses for Effective Insurance Fraud Management. These courses along with real-life illustrations will help one identify frauds and teach them the steps forward to deal with the rising problem.

Indian Doctors Guide

Indian Doctor’s Guide is a online community for GP's that provides them with access to knowledge, the latest developments in the field of medicine & related areas so that they are equipped to tackle their practices with knowledge, understanding & global exposure. Through IDG, they can share experiences, concerns and opportunities across the country enabling learning from each-others experience.